Thursday, 17 May 2012

Cookbook Addict: Heston at Home; Mexican Street Food and Movida Rustica

I have a secret. A secret that I don't think I have shared here yet. I have a cookbook addiction. Particularly ones full of food, photography, travel and information about anything food and travel related.

I admit that my collection is growing (groaning) yet I find I can still add more.

I have recently added 3 more to the collections and I am excited about trying out some of the recipes in them.

So what has been added to the collection?

At the moment I am "dream" planning my trip to Central America. Hoping next year I can take some time out to go. I find that I am reaching for Mexican flavours at the moment. They are exciting, palate tingling flavours, using new ingredients..

Now I just have to source some in Sydney.

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